Well Awareness Courses

These interactive, two-hour courses are designed to educate private well owners on best practices for protecting their drinking water.

  • Homeowners will learn how to conduct an assessment of their well’s condition, potential contaminant sources, and other factors that can affect their water quality.
  • Proper septic system maintenance and potential impacts on ground water will be discussed.
  • Informational packets and well assessment forms will be provided to participants.
  • Well water test kits will be available to take home after the course; payment for testing is made separately from this course (payment for testing is sent to the laboratory when the test kit is mailed in).
  • Once participants have had a chance to conduct their own well assessment, GLWQD staff will follow up after the course to provide recommendations.

Thank you to all participants that attended these courses. We had a great turnout and plan to conduct similar courses again in 2019.