Well Maintenance

If your household water is supplied by a private domestic well, YOU are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of your drinking water!  A good place to start is by reading our Well Maintenance Tips fact sheet.

Here is a great video put together by Montana State University Extension Water Quality on how to protect your drinking water quality:


Protection of your drinking water source starts with making sure your well has a sanitary well cap.  The Gallatin Local Water Quality District has sanitary well caps available for purchase for $40.00 (We take checks and exact change).  These fit most 6-inch well casings.  Installation by a professional electrician is recommended, as it requires rerouting your pump’s electrical wiring.

Stop by our office to purchase a sanitary well cap:
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For more information, check out our Sanitary Well Caps fact sheet, and these Well Maintenance Tips.


If your well quits producing water, or you notice a decrease in water pressure, don’t panic!  Chances are, the problem is not related to your well going dry.  Check the following potential causes first:

  1. Check the pressure tank to make sure it is functioning properly.  Is the pressure tank “on/off” switch “on”?  You may want to have a professional evaluate the tank for problems.
  2. Check your well pump to make sure it is functioning properly.  You may have blown a fuse.  Is your pump old?  It may need to be replaced.  Check the pump wiring to make sure it is okay.

If your pump and pressure tank appear to be working, then your problems may be due to a drop in the water level in your well.  First, check to see if your pump can be lowered.  If not, you may be faced with having to deepen your well to get water again.  Contact a licensed well driller for assistance.

For additional information about common well issues, check out our Brochures, Fact Sheets, & Other Publications page.