Wetlands & Ponds

Did You Know?

Riparian Areas
Are the land that occurs along streams and rivers.
Cool stream temperatures are critical for aquatic life to thrive.
Provide erosion control and shoreline stabilization during flooding.
Provide important habitat for most of Montana’s wildlife and many endangered and threatened species.
Provide recreation and scenic values.
Protect water quality by intercepting sediment and pollutants before they reach the river.

Provide recreational opportunities, open space and scenic landscapes.
Are not necessarily wet all year.
Provide flood and erosion control.
Replenish ground water supplies.
Filter out sediment and break down pollutants.
Consist of only 1% of Montana’s landscape, yet provide critical habitat to 66% of wildlife.
In Gallatin County less than 38% of wetlands remain.

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This educational video was produced as a cooperative effort between the Gallatin Local Water Quality District, Lewis and Clark County Water Quality Protection District, and Missoula Valley Water Quality District.