Contaminated Sites

Bozeman Solvent Site

The Bozeman Solvent Site is located in the City of Bozeman at the Hastings Shopping Center (formerly the Buttrey Shopping Center).  Soil and groundwater at the site have been contaminated, primarily by tetrachloroethene (PCE).  PCE is found in dry cleaning solvents and was used at a former dry cleaning business at the Buttrey Shopping Center. PCE was released into the ground, or subsurface, through an old sewer line and old septic system.  The PCE eventually came into contact with groundwater. Dissolved PCE is now present in the groundwater underlying the site at concentrations greater than Montana groundwater standards. The PCE contaminant area also migrated to the north.  Because of groundwater contamination, the Bozeman Solvent Site has been designated as a Controlled Groundwater Area (CGWA). The CGWA boundary encompasses the originating site of contamination (the Buttrey Shopping Center) and extends north of the East Gallatin River to include the contaminant area.  This is a State Superfund site, also known as a CECRA site (Comprehensive Environmental Cleanup and Responsibility Act).

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Monitoring reports are available at the GLWQD office.

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Idaho Pole

The Idaho Pole Company site is located in the northeast portion of the City of Bozeman and includes around 75 acres. The facility began operating as a wood treating facility in 1945 using creosote to preserve wood and later switched to pentachlorophenol in carrier oil (similar to fuel oil) for the wood treating solution.  In 1978, evidence of a release of the oily wood treating fluid was identified in ditches near the facility and near Rocky Creek.  Idaho Pole Company built an interceptor trench along a portion of the property line to halt some of the pentachlorophenol from entering the groundwater.

In 1983 the Environmental Protection Agency found that pentachlorophenol was leaking from the interceptor trench and that pentachlorophenol was moving away from the plant and entering the groundwater. In 1986 the EPA designated the Idaho Pole Company site as a federal Superfund Site. The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation designated the site as a Controlled Groundwater Area in 2001.  The designation restricts new groundwater wells from being drilled in the area.

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Monitoring reports are available at the GLWQD office.

Bozeman Landfill Soil Gas Study

The City of Bozeman continues to test wells in the Bozeman Story Mill Landfill area for soil gases, particularly volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For information on the monitoring reports, site investigation, mitigation system, remediation and risk assessment, please visit the City of Bozeman website.