Gallatin Watershed Sourcebook

Sourcebook Cover

The 3rd edition of the Gallatin Watershed Sourcebook is a reference guide to water resources in the Gallatin Watershed.

Gallatin County is evolving and our landscape is changing. It is important that existing and new residents have access to relevant and easy-to-understand land and water resource information to be informed watershed stewards.  The Sourcebook is a comprehensive resource, providing information on:

  • Cultural history
  • Soils, hydrologic features, wetlands
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Irrigation
  • Water rights
  • Wells, septic systems, and public water supplies
  • Best management practices for lawns and pastures
  • Erosion, drainage, and stormwater
  • Handling household hazardous waste
  • Watershed restoration planning and stream restoration efforts
  • …and more!