Brochures, Fact Sheets & Other Publications

Groundwater Publications

Carstarphen, C.A., and LaFave, J.I., 2018, Groundwater quality of Gallatin and Madison Counties, southwest Montana: Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Montana Ground-Water Assessment Atlas 8-03.
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Sheet 2

English, A.R., 2018, Evaluation of potential high-yield groundwater development in the Gallatin Valley, Gallatin County, Montana: Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Open-File Report 698.

Hackett, O.M., Visher F.N. and McMurtrey et al., Geology and Groundwater Resources of the Gallatin Valley, Gallatin County, Montana, 1960, USGS Water Supply Report 1482.

Kellogg, K.S., and Williams, V.S., 2006, Geologic map of the Ennis 30′ x 60′ quadrangle, Madison and Gallatin counties, Montana, and Park County, Wyoming: Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Open-File Report 529.

Kendy, E., Magnitude, Extent, and Potential Sources of Nitrate in Groundwater in the Gallatin Local Water Quality District, Southwestern Montana, 1997-1998, USGS Water Resources Investigations Report 01-4037

Michalek, T. and Sutherland, M., 2020, Hydrogeologic Investigation of the Four Corners Area, Gallatin County, Montana: Interpretive Report, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Open-File Report 735.

Slagle, S.E., Geohydrologic Conditions and Land Use in the Gallatin Valley, Southwestern Montana, 1992-1993. USGS Water Resources Investigations Report 95-4034
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Plate 2

Vuke, S.M., Lonn, J.D., Berg, R.B., and Schmidt, C.J., 2014, Geologic map of the Bozeman 30′ x 60′ quadrangle, southwestern Montana: Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Open-File Report 648.

Montana Groundwater Atlas – An overview of Montana’s groundwater resources, focusing on groundwater sources, locations of intensive use, general groundwater quality, and water quality threats.

Surface Water Publications

Barndt, S. and Bay, S., 2004, Bear Creek Fish Investigations, 2003: Population and Habitat Surveys, Bozeman Ranger District, Gallatin National Forest Publication

Gallatin Microplastics Initiatives Final Report

Story, M. and Hancock, K., 2001,  Bear Creek Sediment, Turbidity, & Discharge Monitoring, April – August 2011, Bozeman Ranger District, Gallatin National Forest Publication

Fact Sheets & Brochures


Arsenic in Groundwater
Groundwater Basics
Nitrate in Groundwater
Manganese in Drinking Water: Montana Fact Sheet

Surface Water

Bozeman Creek Stream Health Report Card
Dog Waste and Water Quality
Gallatin Watershed Sourcebook: A Resident’s Guide
Mandeville Creek Stream Report Card

Hazardous Waste & Household Products

Computers- A Hazardous Waste
Household Chemicals, Disposal, and the Environment
Identifying Hazardous Household Chemicals
Safe Drug Disposal in Gallatin County
Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs
Safe Alternatives to Hazardous Household Products

Wells and Septic Systems

Analysis of Septic System Failure in Gallatin County (Deal, 1998)
Bacterial Contamination and Your Well  

Iron and Iron Bacteria
Iron and Iron Bacterial Problems in MT Groundwater (MT State Univ. MontGuide, 2001)
Drinking Water Storage Cisterns
Domestic Well Disinfection Procedure
Household Water Treatment
Montana Laboratories Certified for Drinking Water Analysis
The Care and Feeding of Your Septic System

Water Sampling Procedure for Coliform Bacterial Analysis
Water Softeners, Septic Systems & Ground Water
Well Caps: More Than Just a Lid!
Well Maintenance Tips
Your Well and Septic System- After a wildfire


Assessment of Wetland and Riparian Resources in the Gallatin Valley and Bozeman Creek Watershed, Gallatin County, Montana
Montana’s Wetlands & You – A Natural Partnership
Preventing Recreational Impacts to Wetlands
West Nile Virus: Wetlands and Waterways
Wetland Laws, Permits and Regulations
Where are the Wetlands?
Working with Montana’s Wetlands

Other Resources

Creating Native Landscapes in the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountains
GLWQD Brochure
Green Gardening Quick Tips
Quick Tips for Green Gardening and Healthy Water Quality
Who Does What With Water in the Gallatin Valley
East Gallatin Recreation Area (Old City of Bozeman Landfill) Site Summary